John Kline

TCSD member John Kline was injured in a cycling accident.  I think the best description is the following thank you letter we received:   “When I was injured I broke the head off my left femur and separated my left shoulder. Besides being out of work for 2 to 3 months, I was told it might be a year before I could handle the shock from running. Also with my shoulder injury, swimming might be even longer. However, 3 days after the surgery to pin my hip back into place, I was allowed to ride a stationary bike.  I can’t express how truly thankful I am for your gift. It will allow me to do some low impact cardio exercise during my rather lengthy rehab period.

This experience has allowed me to see one of the real strengths of TCSD, which is helping each other. That help comes in many forms. It may be calming someone’s nerve before their first open water swim, encouragement during a long ride or support at the end of a run. It can also be answering all those ‘stupid’ questions before their first triathlon and many other things.

Thanks again for the helmet and trainer. (I’m assuming my wife wants me to wear the helmet while riding on the trainer)


John Kline

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