Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ regarding applying for a TCSD Cares Grant or other aid.  For the FAQ for Team Solana, click on the Team Solana link and scoll to the bottom.

How do I apply?

To apply, go to the TCSD Cares homepage at and click on the ‘Apply for a TCSD Cares Grant’ link on the left side of the page.

Can I recommend someone else for an award?

Absolutely!  The application allows for referrals.

Who reviews the grant applications?

Applications are reviewed by a committee of TCSD Cares volunteers and board members.

Where does TCSD Cares get its money?

TCSD Cares money is donated by TCSD members, and the general public.

Is TCSD Cares a registered non-profit?

Yes, TCSD Cares is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

Can anyone apply?

TCSD Cares charter allows us to help non-members, but special consideration is given to TCSD Members and their families.

My bike and other equipment are getting old.  I think I would better represent the club if I had a new bike, but can’t afford one.  Can I apply for a grant for this?

Unfortunately….no.   TCSD Cares dollars are targeted towards those in special needs or circumstances.  In some cases we can provide some help to members to fix their current equipment if damaged in a crash.   Funds generally are not granted to help folks upgrade equipment, travel, enter races, get faster etc, unless circumstances are special.

Can I apply for a TCSD Cares grant to help with school expenses?

Educational expenses are not generally covered, but special circumstances and demonstration of great need is taken into consideration.  For school expenses, we suggest you apply for a Dave Martin Award, which is administered by TCSD Cares.  Click on the Dave Martin Award tab from the home page of