Dave Martin Memorial Swim 2012

On Sunday, April 22nd, over 100 friends, family, athletes, and supporters again gathered at Fletcher Cove for “Dave’s Day” and to participate in the Dave Martin Memorial Swim.  The gathering celebrated the life of Dr. David Martin, and marked the 4 year anniversary of the tragic shark attack that took his life.  More than one person was heard to remark that they could not believe 4 years had passed.  In attendance were members of Dave’s family as well as friends and companions who had been with him on the day he lost his life. The highlight of the day was the traditional swim along the coast.  The conditions were overcast, but calm and a large group braved the cold water to head out for the swim.  Once everyone had made their way past the surf line, a moment of silence was observed followed by a cheer and swim up the coast.  The Triathlon Club of San Diego and TCSD Cares chipped in to provide some great food catered by Foodsense Now!, and the group mingled for hours more after the swim.  As always, it was an honor to represent TCSD Cares at the event, and the day always provides an opportunity to reflect on what a wonderful life we have here in San Diego…just as Dave would have wanted us to.
Thank you!

Steve Tally

Director, TCSD Cares