Dave Martin Award

TCSD Cares feels honored to have been asked by the Martin Family to administer the annual Dave Martin award.  This award honors Dr. Martin who was killed in 2008 in a tragic shark attach at Solana Beach.  Hundreds of people touched by his story donated money to the Martin family. The Martin family deemed it appropriate that the money be put back to work in the community, and devised an annual award to help with educational expenses for deserving individuals.

The award is meant to provide $1,000 of direct educational support (tuition, etc) to deserving candidates that especially seem to reflect the spirit of TCSD member Dr. Dave Martin who was tragically killed in 2008.  Anyone with current or future educational aspirations can apply.  The award is paid directly to educational institutions to help cover your educational expenses, so the award is most appropriately given to those currently in, or accepted at a valid institution of higher learning (University, technical school, etc).   In the event of multiple deserving candidates, more than one award may be given out.  The award will be given out at the  Solana Beach Triathlon on July 28th, 2013.  The deadline for review this year’s award is July 12th, 2013.



About Dr. Dave Martin
As new veterinarian, Dave Martin moved his young family to Solana Beach in 1970.  There he established a modest veterinary practice and became a fixture in the community.  Always fascinated by plant and animal life, Dave found the biodiversity of the north county region a good fit to his intellectual side.  And of course, the San Diego weather offered many activities to challenge his athletic side.  He enjoyed surfing, snorkeling, swimming, spear fishing, running, and volleyball to name a few.  In his early sixties he entered his first triathlon.  Encouraged by early results, he stepped up his training and had an outstanding 2007 season winning or placing in his age group in every event he entered.  But the real rewards for Dave were the friendships and camaraderie that came with it.  Easy going, likeable, and always upbeat, as a retired veterinarian it seems appropriate to liken his personality to that of a Golden Retriever.  Although his untimely death came as a shock to all of us, he would have seen the positive points about it.  He was in a place he loved, doing something he enjoyed with friends.

2010 Award

The second annual  Dave Martin award was awarded  to Katarina LaJeunesse by Jeff Martin and Laurene Booth at the 2010 Solana Beach Triathlon sponsored by the Triathlon Club of San Diego. Congratulations Katarina!!!

2009 Award

The first ever Dave Martin award was handed out by Jeff Martin at the 2009 Solana Beach Triathlon sponsored by the Triathlon Club of San Diego. Congratulations Jaclyn Trosper!!!


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