Below is a sample of the individuals and organizations with whom TCSD Cares has had the honor of helping, and their stories. Some of the people helped by TCSD Cares wish that their aid be kept private, and we of course respect those wishes.

Steve Pierce Veterans and Athletes Fundraiser


Steve Pierce is a TCSD member and Vietnam veteran suffering from the continuing effects of exposure to Agent Orange.  Steve and a strong supporting team started the SPVAF in order to help Steve, as well as others who have been affected by toxic hazards they were exposed to during the service to their country.   TCSD [...]

Skip Gleavey


A donation to help George ‘Skip’ Gleavey was the first donation made by TCSD Cares.  Skip was a TCSD member who was paralyzed from the waist down from a cycling accident in 2008.  But it was his battle with Lymphoma that finally claimed his life on July 14th, 2010.  TCSD Cares contributed funds to help [...]

John Kline


TCSD member John Kline was injured in a cycling accident.  I think the best description is the following thank you letter we received:   “When I was injured I broke the head off my left femur and separated my left shoulder. Besides being out of work for 2 to 3 months, I was told it might [...]

Kerri Seger

Kerri with one of her Hydrophone buoys.

Kerri was one of our 2012 Dave Martin Award Scholarship winners.  Kerri used the money to complete her research on Humpback Whales in Alaska.  She used her award money to plant hydrophones in areas frequented by whales, and arrived back home with databanks full of humpback whale sounds for analysis!

Clayton Treska


In July 2009 12-year Marine Corps veteran Clay Treska was diagnosed with terminal stage-four recurrent testicular cancer. This would be his third bout with the disease, having successfully battled through two previous occurrences.   Shortly after his diagnosis, some TCSd member friends brought Clay to one of the monthly club meetings.   Clay told everyone that this [...]

Shelby Madden

me on bike

Shelby is one of TCSD Cares earliest stories.  Being extremely ‘vertically challenged,’ Shelby found there was nothing besides children’s bikes that would enable her to ride in adult competitive and fund raising events.  She did not qualify for aid for other organizations, and having a custom bike built was prohibitively expensive.  In collaboration with contributors, [...]

Other Organizations and Funds TCSD Cares has Donated to…


Other Organizations and Funds TCSD Cares has Donated to include: Melissa Houston Memorial Fund on behalf of TCSD member Melissa who was killed in a car accident in May, 2012. Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund on behalf of Officer Jeremy Henwood, killed while on duty in August 2011. Monarch Schools for Homeless Children Tri Juniors [...]